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*My old Squiby loves *


*I am not active on Squiby anymore and forgot pretty much everything about it. I have these but I do not know how you can get these anymore u.u*

* The Mini Icon Army *

made by/ for me ♥
Skittles ♥
:iconminigini:MiniGini by JellyCredible
Daring Dreamer ♥
Musical dreamer by griff-chii
Feliks ♥
Gift for Minigini by xCyeth43 by jack-frost7
Crelana ♥
44 by jack-frost7Kitty by xCyeth
Aestas ♥

Chester & Charlie ♥

Waiting for:
Spirtes from SuperBashSisters
Sprites from GarchompKing-X
Breedables from CocoaAdopts (paid)
Breedables by fa-wn
Page Dolls from Tabby-Fox (paid)
Breedable from Lilac-Plague (paid)
BBBFF Icon from JellyCredible (paid)
Breedable from Spiritedflight
Journal Doll by Radioactivemantaray (paid)

No Jelly/ Holo updates today! 

8 deviants said Sorry for the delay -bows-
2 deviants said Will include them in next weeks update!!
1 deviant said having some personal stuff to do this weekend!

Yay ~






Emergency Raffle! Ponies and Points!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2014, 12:47 PM

Hey guys ~

Let`s get right to the Point: I need you guys to help me advertise my best friends goodies!! She`s had some financial troubles lately and with christmas ahead and everything she decided to open up commissions to make at least some money to spend >.o
Sounding reasonable so far? Thing is: Even with my amount of watchers the audience is limited, but if you guys help out, it`s gonna be a piece of cake!
So let`s make it a raffle! :D
I don`t know how many of you remember the adoptables I did a while ago for Peachy x Dreamer, but I kept two of the foals and I remember you guys liked them a lot... So I`m going to offer them as Prizes for this raffle! If Ponies are not your thing or you just don`t like their designs enough to get your motivation pumpin I can offer you 200 Points instead -^-^-

All you gotta do is the following:
a) go look at her gallery! Her style is really cute and very likeable, she`s got some great ideas and though not perfect her pictures always make me smile and happy... Go look at it! ;D
b) Make a journal and share the link to her Info: 
c) write me a comment and send ME the link to YOUR journal to let me know you did it and I`ll make a List (with a pen on paper because I don`t got the time to edit this thing all the time!)

This raffle ends on the 1st of december!  I`ll pick a random winner (with an online random number thingie!) to see who wins!
up to 30 People: 1 Winner (either gets 1 Pony or Points)
up to 50 People: 2 Winners (either get 1 Pony or Points)
more than 50 People: 3 Winners! (either 1 Pony or Points)

Sweety + Unnamed by Minigini

This is a Journal ~

* The one and only Mini ID *

Hey there everyone ~

I've been drawing Manga since 2007/2008 (around that time anyway xD) and even though I don't draw that much I still love it a lot and I love my OCs more than anything *~*
I like playing games, drawing, playing RPG (write to play) and chatting with friends, also I love chinese restaurants, Music, Candy and my favorite color is a pale pink/red.
I've watched so many Animes that I lost count and switched to collecting Manga now

*hopelessly in love with the talented xCyeth *
Love, Mini xx

Commissions Info ~

Commissions CLOSED by StampMakerLKJGifts Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ

To do List:

Commissions (-/- Slots taken):

» Click here for the waiting list «

:star: 1. -

Art Trades:

:star: 1. PrinceYui
:star: 3. AbsotheKatta
:star: 4. Haventide
:star: 5. Miz-Miu
:star: 6. thegreatrouge

Gifts/ Prices:

:star: RadiationAlpha (Normal ~)
:star: EvanEverAfter Breedable (333 Watcher Special)
:star: Speedy375 Custom Pony (Name the OC Winner)


You do NOT have to thank me for FAVS or LLAMAS!
It was/ is my pleasure! Give a Llama back and you are good ♥

Minigini by DaliaWolfsoul
The Images you can find on my profile come from various artists, either by commission, base or simply selfdrawn. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll tell you who the credit goes to I just don't want to spam my profile with all the info u.u Thank you for undestanding ~


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